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phone 0411-39268378 ????email dongfei@specialsteels.cn

Company profile

Founded in 1997, Dongfei covers a total area of 33,464 m2. Since establishment, it has absorbed advanced management concept and professional management talents, adopted first-rate production equipments and technology, and established complete quality assurance system. We successfully passed the certification of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System of German Rhine Company in 2003.

The company possesses professional production lines, producing and selling various kinds of high-quality steel wires (suitable for producing standard part of molds and precision axle, etc.), the annual output is 6,000 tons. Our products are classified into high-speed tool steel, tool alloy steel, structural alloy steel, bearing steel, stainless steal, spring steel, structural carbon steel and carbon tool steel, etc. The varieties are: round steel, cold-drawn straight steel wire, burnished straight steel wire and tempered steel wire (pre-hardened straight bar). Specification: ∮1.0~∮300 mm.

Dongfei adheres to “ People foremost " and " Serving customers". With wide influence and nice reputation, our products are very popular on large domestic market including Hong Kong and Taiwan, our products are also very popular in Japan and occident countries. "Quality first and consumer supreme " is our aim, it is also the largest foundation of mutual survival and prosperity for our customers and us.

We firmly believe that with the development of Dongfei, we will supply much better products and more efficient service to our customers!

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